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2 young kayakers in Gteam

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Thursday, 6 December, 2012

2 young kayakers in Gteam

Two young kayakers became a members of G team. We have decided to support these two guys: Vid Kuder Marušič (SLO) a Bradley Forbes-Cryans (GBR). It's very important to support young paddlers so they could improve their skills enough to beat the heros of present. New generation should be a threat for the older one. There will be only lazy old paddlers without this pressure and nobody will push the limits of our sport any more. And that's what we don't want! Our goal is pushing the sport further and further and we can reach it just thanks to the young paddlers and their results.

Bradley Forbes-Cryans, Vid Kudera Marušič

Vid is supposed to be a successor to Peter Kauzer in Slovenia. He is still a junior. He was born in 1996. Bradley could be the successor of Campbell Walsh in Great Britain. He was 8th on the junior European Championships in Slovenia and 3rd on the British Open 2012 that took place in London. He was born in 1995. Have a good luck with Galasport guys!


Bradley and the Olympic course during the British Open 2012