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2 titles for Galasport - Oceania Open 2013

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Monday, 4 February, 2013

2 titles for Galasport - Oceania Open 2013

Aussies took top canoe slalom crowns in Oceania Open 2013 that took part near to Palmertson North this weekend. Aussies, kiwis and some of the world known slalom stars took part in this slalom race. There were also two silver Olympic medalists who took part - Vavřinec Hradílek (CZE) and Jessica Fox (AUS).


Vávra Hradílek wasn't allowed to join the final run when he has missed one gate during his semifinal run. Even if Vavra wasn't able to fight for the victory there was another Galasport's paddler who left all the paddlers behind. Australian kayaker Lucien Delfour (born in Papeete, French Polynesia) has beaten Fabian Doerfler (GER) by 2.15s.


From the left: Fabian Doefler (GER), Lucien Delfour (AUS), Aaron Osborne (NZL)

Thibaud Vielliard has won the C1 category - the same result as a week before in Kawerau (first selection race for Kiwis). He's paddling our new C1 boat - the What else.


The category of K1 women and C1 women was won by Australian star Jessica Fox.



  • K1 men: 1. Lucien Delfour (AUS) 89.05, 2. Fabian Doerfler (GER) 91.20, 3. Aaron Osborne (NZL) 99.63
  • K1 women: 1. Jessica Fox (AUS) 102.85, 2. Rosalyn Lawrence (AUS) 103.06, 3. Luuka Jones (NZL) 106.15
  • C1 men: 1. Thibaud Vielliard (FRA) 97.61, 2. Robin Jeffery (AUS) 97.75, 3. Ian Borrows( AUS) 100.64
  • C1 women: 1. Jessica Fox (AUS) 109.28, 2. Rosalyn Lawrence (AUS) 117.84, 3. Noemie Fox (AUS) 127.49

Complet results can be found on this link:


The next big slalom event is Australian Open. It will take part in Sydney on the Olympic course (22. - 24.2.2013).