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European championship 2012 - Augsburg

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Úterý, 15 Květen, 2012

European championship 2012 - Augsburg

European championship is over and G paddlers are counting their medals. Let's look back on this succesfull weekend.


K1 men:

1st - Daniele Molmenti (ITA)

2nd -Paul Boeckelman (GER) - Sonic


3rd - Hannes Aigner (GER) - Sonic, Paddle: Naja Maxi Ergo MCQ

4th - Vavřinec Hradilek (CZE) - Echo of the Toro, Paddle: Naja maxi elite

The very closed category of K1 men offered spectacular final race. The German paddlers have shown their potential already in qualification and the semifinal. Hannes Aigner won the semifinal run by 2 seconds ahead of Paul Boeckelman (both paddling boat the Sonic). Unfotunatelly Daniele Molmenti was able to perform his final run with no mistakes and won ahead of these German guys. Vavřinec Hradilek finished in the unpopular 4th place even if the split time has shown his final run as one of the best.

C1 men

A perfect show of new boat "WHAT ELSE"

The What else is the olympic boat of Tony Estanguet who has designed many of our C1 boats. There were 5 C1 paddlers paddling the What else among TOP 7 in Augsburg final. Big celebration for Galasport! Even Stanislav Ježek (CZE) swapped to the "What else" from his old boat 3 days before the Czech Olympic trials. Sideris Tasiadis and Christos Tsakmakis have also left their boats (TT and TT Syphon) at home and took this new model to European Championship. And they chose well! Christos Tsakmakis has clinched an Olympic spot for Greece and Sideris Tasiadis became the European Champion when he beat the previouse European Champion Tony Estanguet from France by almost 2 seconds.


1st - Sideris Tasiadis (GER) - What else, Paddle: TGRE MCQ

2nd - Tony Estanguet (FRA) - What else, Paddle: TE11 elite

3rd - Benjamin Slavsek (SLO)

4th - Alexander Slavkovsky (SVK)

5th - Christos Tsakmakis (GRE) - What else, Paddle: TGRE MCQ

6th - Jan Masek (CZE) - What else, Paddle: Phil MCQ

7th - Stanislav Ježek (CZE) - What else

C2 men

One against all!

Even if Galasport didn't have many C2 crews in the final race to fight for medals but the German guys Robert Behling and Thomas Becker took bronz medal! They have taken advantage of their knowledge of the course in Augsburg and left many good C2 crews behind!


K1 Women

The tightest victory ever!

This was the battle of the Sonic boats! After Ursa Kragelj's victory in qualification we were missing this G1 lady so much in the final race when she missed one of the gates in the middle section during her semifinal run. However Melanie Pfeifer has shown that she knew Eiskanal in Augsburg very well and performed great final run. She was waiting until the very last second hoping for the gold medal. Bad luck for Melanie but good luck for French lady Carole Bouzidi. Carole was able to beat Melanie's time by 0,01s and won the title of European champion. Both girls were paddling the Sonic so we were pretty proud of both of them!